Irjamp provides Java-based replication of the IRMP3 message bus. What is IRMP3? IRMP3 is a modular, c-based system for playing mp3 and other media files. Central to its design is a "message bus" by which modules intercommunicate. Irjamp provides a bridge to Java, so that you can write modules for the IRMP3 system in Java. The current system contains the message bus replication architecture, plus modules for message logging, message input, music playlist editing, and a usable console-based music player user-interface. I have been using the code successfully for the last year or so on two separate dedicated mp3 playing computers, so the code has a pretty good level of maturity. Avenues for further development for the project primarily fall into the categories of developing more modules (for basic functionality), new UI (perhaps based on Swing/SWT), and enhancing the existing modules and UI.



I'm still working on this. For now, here's some quickstart information....

0) Check the code out via anonymous CVS

1) Edit the JAVA_HOME variable of the Makefile to point to your java directory.

2) make compile

3) Now test it out in place. Make sure you have irmp3 with mod_netctl running on localhost.

4) make run

The curses UI should start up. Use Esc to quit the UI. The QUIT button is currently set to use irmp3's mod_browser to execute a shutdown script for the entire machine (I use this on a couple of dedicated mp3 playing boxes, remember), so you probably don't want to use that.


Again, I'm still working on this. For now, poke around in the irjamp.props file for configuration information, or run "make javadocs" to create the java api documentation.


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